Pool Parties

Mermaid Swim Parties

2 hour package with function room £340 + Refundable Damage Deposit – £100


  • Real life swimming mermaid
  • Swimming pool games
  • Singing & Dancing
  • Gift for the birthday child
  • (Upgrade to an ultra realistic silicone tailed mermaid for an additional £35*)
  • Maximum of 10 children
    If more children will be attending you will also be required to book a pirate assistant for an additional £120 OR an additional mermaid for £130 (+£20 travel) OR supply an adult to assist the mermaid in the water throughout the party. This adult needs to be prepared to be fully involved with the games and listen to instructions from the mermaid. Should we need to cater for over 20 children you will need to book 2 entertainers. Any child who cannot confidently swim must be supplied with armbands and accompanied by an adult in the pool. Any child under the age of 5 must be accompanied by an adult in the pool.
  • Hot food option. 
  • £6.00 per child including a drink. Chicken nuggets/sausage/burger and chips.
  • Function Room Decoration – £20
  • We decorate the room with mermaid balloons, bunting, lights and tablecloths.


Mermaid Experience Swimming parties

2.15 hours (75 minutes pool time and 1 hour function room) £412 for 6 children + £49 extra for additional children maximum of 10.

  • Qualified Mermaid Instructor
  • Qualified Instructor Assistant
  • Mermaid Tail hire for each guest
  • Keepsake certificate for each guest
  • Special gift for the birthday child
  • Minimum of 6 children, ages 6 and up.
  • We can cater to as larger numbers please enquire.
  • Mermaid Experience Swimming parties are 75 minutes long unless booking extra time.

The children will be taught how to swim in the tails, tricks, swim routines and we will then play specialised games with their new found skills.

All guests will need to pass a simple swim test at the beginning of the party before putting on a tail.
All children joining in with the party will need a permission slip signed by their parent or guardian. We will send you this slip once booked, we suggest that they are printed and included with the invitation.

*Subject to availability

Themed parties

Themed Parties, 2 Hour Parties (1 hour pool time, 1 hour function room) £208, + Refundable Damage Deposit of £100

  • Unicorn
  • Floating Goal Party
  • Paradise Island/beach Party
  • Under The Sea
  • Floating Fun

To include –

1 hour pool time, Life Guard, bubble machine, large foam rafts, toys, dive sticks, 1 hour function room with kitchen.

  • Hot food option.  
  • £6.00 per child including a drink. Chicken nuggets/sausage/burger and chips.
  • Function Room Decoration – £20
  • We decorate the room with balloons, bunting, lights and tablecloths relevant to your chosen theme.
  • Adult or family pool parties, to include Sauna and Jacuzzi – Please email us for prices and packages.